Guaranteed doping-free calmative for horses.
It calms down the horses without affecting their performance.
Can be used as an optimal sports extra and also for transport.

DH TRANQUILITY for horse is a guaranteed doping free calmative for horses. Tranquility is formulated to help horses that exhibit extreme signs of nervousness, anxiety, apprehension, lack of focus, and aggression in stressful situations.

The active ingredients encourage the brain to boost levels of serotonin in order to promote a feeling of wellbeing and calm in some horses.

It calms down the horses without affecting the performance. It has a relaxing, soothing effect. Can be used as an optimal sports extra and also for transport. Whilst it can be administered whenever, it is particularly effective immediately prior to stressful or demanding activities (training/transport). For horses and ponies with a specific sensitivity to loud noises, severe weather or sudden movement, DH Tranquility can be used on a regular basis.

100ml = ± 25 doses!

When is DH Tranquility used?

  • It’s use is advised in situations of short-term stress.
  • For optimal sports performance of your horse
  • During the transport of your horse

Additional information
1) Show schedule:
Option 1: 3 till 4 ml 30min. before the contest
Option 2: 3 till 4 ml 45min. before the contest
AND 3 till 4 ml 5min. before the contest

2)Transport: 5ml 15min. before departure



DH TRANQUILITY has a guaranteed doping-free calming for horses. The horses become calmer without losing strength. Can be used as optimal sport guidance and as a means of transport.


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