Elector PSP Premise Spray – 8 oz


Elector PSP Premise Spray contains Spinosad for control of house flies, stable flies, darkling beetles, and hide beetles in and around livestock premises. Mix 2 oz. in 10 gallons water for 5,000 to 10,000 square feet of coverage. For Northern Fowl mites mix 3 oz. in 10 gallons water and spray birds with special attention to vent area as well as floors, repeating in 14 days as needed. For red chicken mites mix 2 oz. in 5 gallons water and spray roosts and floors, paying special attention to cracks and crevices.

Elector PSP Premise Spray provides effective control of houseflies, darkling beetles, and northern fowl mites in and around livestock facilities. Elector PSP is indicated for:

  • Control of hide beetles, darkling beetles, stable flies, and houseflies
  • Control of northern fowl mites infesting poultry
  • Use in swine, poultry, dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, and horse premises

A foundational pest management tool
Elector PSP Premise Spray is flexible and effective. When a part of an integrated pest management program, Elector PSP can be used in rotation with adulticides or larvicides for resistance management.

  • Rotation option for fly, beetle, and northern fowl mite control
  • Can be used in rotation with other insecticide classes
  • Offers direct bird application *
  • Offers no cross resistance1 (pyrethroids, neonicotinoids or organophosphates)

Nuisance Flies (House flies & Stable flies):

Treat areas where flies rest: pay attention to side walls, the ends of building, upper sides of posts, and crossbeams. Spray in early morning when flies are resting. Use enough in a directed spray to contact flies and their resting surfaces thoroughly, but do not allow runoff to occur.

Darkling Beetles:

Apply in 1m wide bands to the floor under feed lines and in a 0.5m wide bands along the edges of the house. Applications should also be made into cracks and crevices around insulation, and where pests have been seen or can find protection. Indoor protection can be enhanced by making perimeter treatments to the outside of building foundations to prevent migrating adult beetles. Reapply after each grow-out or sanitation procedure.



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